Neiman Marcus Last Call Save 50% !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I just got back from the Last Call Neiman Marcus in Katy Mills and if you open a Neimans card you get 50% off 1 single item excluding furniture and fine jewelry. They have a couple of Marc Jacob bags there around $665 but if you open an account you get 50% off. You also get 5% off everytime you use your card there anyway so you actually get 55% off. I already have a Neimans acct so I couldnt do it :sad:
  2. Thanks! That's good to know. I check their website everyday but they don't have much stuff for Last call stuff this year so I'm a little disappointed :sad:
  3. Having a Neiman credit card gets you 5% off ANY purchase from NM everytime you use it?
  4. How do you get the 50% off online? Can you do it that way?
  5. I think the 5 percent is just at Last call stores.
  6. What is the promo code for online?
  7. I think it's only in stores...and only Last Call Stores sorry for the coufusion. IF you open an a Neimans account you get 50% off 1 single item. I'm not even sure if it's all Last Call locations the girl sd it's done through corporate, and she said if I found something that I wanted at another location they could order it and I would get the 50% off but only if the other location was doing the promo as well. They're trying to boost their #s in opening neiman cards. I got an awesome pair of Dolce pumps for $138. And everytime you use your neimas card at a Last Call store you save 5%.
  8. LALALA your purchases sound amazing! I need some new shopping buddies ;)

  9. Hi- Where did you get the 50% off info. because when I asked an agent at Neiman Marcus if that was true, they almost laughed at me! Of course, I wish it was true!
  10. It's only for Last Call Neiman Marcus stores (outlets). I'm not even sure if every location was doing it, but at the Katy Mills Last Call (Houston) if you opened a Neimans acct that day (last sat) you got 50% off 1 single item. There was a flyer at the register so I asked the SA and she told me it's done through corporate when they need to boost their #'s for opening credit cards. She also said they it's not done at every location at 1 time.
  11. i was able to get 3 pairs of lacoste sneaks for 100$!