Neiman Marcus Last Call Sale

  1. I was in NM in White Plains, NY, and the saleswoman told me there's a big Last Call sale tomorrow, Feb. 5, 2008, with an additional 25% off. She said they were receiving over 500 bags for this sale.

    I called the NM in Short Hills, NJ, and they also are having a Last Call sale tomorrow.

    Unfortunately, I have to work tomorrow. If anyone sees a black Marc Jacobs Dianee, get it for me! I let one go a month ago and have been crying since. :crybaby:
  2. Is this the regular NM store or the Clearance center. thanks!
  3. I called my local store in Charlotte NC and they have no planned sale anytime in the near future. :sad:
  4. It is the regular store not the last call clearance center.
  5. Yes, it is the regular store. Same with the one in Short Hills.
  6. The sale will also be at the NM at Tyson's Galleria, VA. It will be 25% off of the previous last call price, but the items will be final sale. So, make sure you check them out to ensure there are no problems.
  7. awesome, thanks!! I will be going to the one in white plains tomorrow so I will let you know if I see anything!
  8. Just called Paramus and they are NOT having the sale.
    Apparently its only to select stores - in the tri-state area, I think that would be just at Short HIlls. She suggested going EARLY!!!
  9. If you go, please let me know if there is anything good! Sadly i gotta work tomorrow, so i cant make it out to the galleria =(

    Prices would be awesome too. :heart:3
  10. I won't be able to get there (Tyson's Galleria, VA) until after work myself! The SA told me that they had some of the Fendi spys with the beads that were originally $4,000, marked down to about $1900 plus an additional 25% off (around $1,400). They had some of the MJ python stams in the pastel/easter egg colors (don't have the price for these, because she knows that I don't like them.) They also have some Michael Kors and Hogan bags. When I spoke with her, they were still putting stuff out. But, she said that it looked like a pretty good selection.