Neiman Marcus Last Call Sale

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  1. It starts in stores on Wednesday - but is online NOW!

    Some great bags are 50% off. I'm sure there are also great deals on clothing and shoes.

    Free shipping with code: LAST06
  2. thanks for the heads up!
  3. Thanks for the info--I went last friday and reserved a Kate Spade and a Ferragamo tie for my husband--you can't beat another 40 % off of the markdown price!!!!!
  4. Does anyone know when Neiman's have sales during the year?
  5. I am subscribed to their daily email. They have sales going on all the time. Not always purses - but they have tons of sales.
  6. the next big sale time for most luxury retailers is early june (that's when the gucci sale is - first week of june)
  7. it's not fair!!! they don't do international on-line orders.
  8. you should come and see the sales in Milan in June most of the seasons stuff half-price.....Gucci,Chanel,Dior,Fendi,Prada,etc the only one who does'nt do sales is LV.
  9. Nice~! :biggrin:
  10. NOOOO! I gotta get off now.
    goodnight ladies!
  11. Careful, I live in The Hague and it's a cheap flight. You may have a houseguest for the next sale!:biggrin:
  12. How long does the sale last for? I'm from Canada and I'll probably visiting a friend next weekend (April 1). Will stuff still be on sale? Thanks!
  13. guccis sales are the best. Ill deff be marking my calender for the first week of june
  14. Sorry to ask a stupid question again, but I've never been to Neiman Marcus cuz I'm not from US. How's the Gucci sale in June? Do they have a wide selection of bags? How much discount?

    Would they have the medium horsebit hobo (Jessica Simpson bag)? Thanks again!
  15. that's for the info.