Neiman Marcus Last Call Sale begins 6/27

  1. 4th of July Storewide Sale
    Save 45% to 80% OFF Original NM Prices
    [​IMG][FONT=arial, verdana, helvetica, sans-serif]Get ready for an explosion of savings this holiday at Neiman Marcus Last Call during our Fourth of July Storewide Sale! Starting tomorrow, Wednesday, June 27, you'll save 45% to 80% OFF original NM prices when you take 20% to 40% off Last Call store's regular prices on fabulous fashions and accessories for men, women, children and more storewide. Plus, all color-stamped clearance merchandise is stepping up to the next level of savings! A sale this fabulous deserves fireworks! Shop early for the best selection! [/FONT]


    I just came from there: 30% off alot handbags, 20% off Chloe and Marc Jacobs. Not as good as the last one but anything helps. :okay:
  2. is this online as well?
  3. Wow Sounds like fun! Thanks for the post.
  4. Unfortunately the sale is in store. Lots of red signs.

    There is also extra % off their clearance racks. For instance, instead of 20% off a clearance item marked with a blue dot, it's 35%. Instead of 35% off a clearance item marked with a green dot, it's 50%...and so forth.

    Sunglasses are additional 20% off. Shoes are additional 30% off. Some designer clothes (Chanel, Prada, etc) are 50% off.

    That's what I remember. Of course some NMLC store sales may vary. I work close to the one in Milpitas CA (Bay Area).
  5. great news, thanks for posting this
  6. sounds like a good deal - wish i could be there :cry:
  7. how long does this sale last?
  8. Jenchi: are all chloe bags 20% off???

    and does anyone know their in-store return policy? i bought a balenciaga matelasse on mon but thinking about returning it. it's kinda too big for me.
  9. as long as its within 30 days, not final sale (usually eveningwear is final sale or it will have a stamp that says final sale and the person checking you out is also supposed to remind you if its final sale) and the tags are still attached to your items, then you can return it
  10. Last Call is a separate store from reg. NMs right? :idea:
  11. ^
    We are talking about the sale called "Last Call" at the regular Neiman stores, not the last call outlet.
  12. Ahh that clears it up for me. Figured ;) Thanks.
  13. I think the original post is about NM LAST CALL the STORE, not at the regular NM stores. I just went to NM store today and they are still on second markdown (about 55% off orig).
  14. Dear All, the clearance sale is only for the NM "LAST CALL" Stores, not the regular, I just varified with their sale rep. on line.
  15. Does anyone know where the FINAL MARKDOWN/LAST CALL Sale usually happens for the "regular" NM stores?

    From my recollection, I've always thought it was around August? :hrmm: