Neiman Marcus Last Call Returns?

  1. Hi:

    Has anyone had their return processed yet from Neiman Marcus if you returned it via mail? It has been four weeks on a handbag I returned and I still don't have a refund. I call and their CS has no clue.

    Is anyone else in this boat? Saks processed my return and issued a refund within a week. NM is really starting to tick me off.
  2. NM takes the longest to process online returns out of just about every store I've ever purchased from. It takes them about a month, perhaps a little more. Your wait is not abnormal, unfortunately.
  3. Ok, thanks. Just wondered since it seems to be taking forever.
  4. I always take NM returns back to the store--I learned that the hard way, it took more than 6 weeks for a credit one time.
  5. Must agree, returns should always be taken back to the store for immediate credit. I couldn't stand to have to wait for my money back!