Neiman Marcus Last Call - question about returning Chloe handbag

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  1. Did anyone return a Chloe bag they bought from NMLC? How did you go about the return?

    I bought one from a Florida store and had it shipped to California, and am wondering if I should return it the same way it was shipped to me, or should I ship it with insurance and signature confirmation?
  2. If you have a NMLC near you, they might ship it back or you could return it there. I'm guessing you don't, so I would definitely insure it. The safest thing to do is call the store you purchased it from and ask what they recommend for fastest processing.
  3. the "manager" I spoke with didn't seem confident about what's the best method to return it... she kind of said to return it any way I want to. That's why I was wondering what anyone else did or would do?
  4. I returned a bag to Nordstrom's in CA, the store in FL sent it for me since they don't carry Chloe and wouldn't accept the return. They did pay to ship it back to the original store I purchased it from. Definitely, insure it. I think I would call another NMLC and talk with someone a little more 'in the know'--explaining your situation. Sounds like that manager isn't giving you thorough info, so I'd double check before sending. Good luck!!
  5. I bought two Chloe bags and returned one. I bought and returned to the same store though. You should take yours in to your local NMLC and see if they can assist you. Maybe do a transfer through the store?
  6. I don't live near a NMLC, that's why I had it shipped... just wondering how to go about shipping it back.
  7. Hmm Do you have a regular NM close by? Maybe they can help figure this out? :confused1: