Neiman Marcus Last Call - Designer Handbags and Shoes Event

  1. Did anyone go to the Niemans Last Call designer handbags and shoes event this weekend? I went to the pre-sale at Anne Arundel Mills in Maryland on Friday and found some GREAT deals! I bought some patent Gucci Flats w/ red and green ribbon for $215, some Gucci GG Pumps for $198, some Fendi wedges (my favorite purchase) for $200, a black Gucci purse for $180 and a small tan Marc Jacobs bag for $100. I will pick them up on Wednsesday. Soooo excited! What did you find?
  2. Congratulations on a great haul! I didn't even know about it (which is probably a good thing!)
  3. Congratulations on your new buys! I would love to see some pics :smile:

    was this sale on for all Neiman Marcus last call stores???
  4. Wow sounds like you got some great deals! Congrats and I can't wait to see pictures!
  5. I wish we had a NM Last Call here ... I swear our sales are here are nothing close to the deals you lucky PFers find in the US!
  6. so happy for you!! good thing i was not aware of the sale.
  7. Hey, addicted2shoes! I was at the Arundel Mills Last Call on Friday too. We were probably in line together. I ended up not getting anything, as I was looking for a couple particular bags. It was definitely worth going though.
  8. UGH!!!! I had no idea about this sale! Like the other TFP'ers was probably a good thing I didn't!!

    BTW, Can any TFP'er tell me where Last Calls are located? I'm in northern Maryland. Thanks!!
  9. I missed the pre-sale but I think the Last Call near me is still having the main event on Wednesday I think. I don't know the details though - is it happening all day or is it like a private sale event?
  10. Hi! You can look it up on the web. Type in Neiman Marcus Last Call. I want to say there is one in NJ. Probably the closest to you.
  11. Hey! You have one in Maryland! It's in Hanover. Their # is 410.379.0159