Neiman Marcus last Call Coupon

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  1. Does anyone know of a link to a Neiman Marcus Last Call Center Coupon for the month of April?

  2. Here you go! A coupon for 20% off your purchase!$8D5AB8$L1B7Q15XB121pj.AQXgLz8D/doc.html

    If you cannot view this e-mail, please click here. <table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="650"><tbody><tr valign="top"><td bgcolor="#000000" width="1">[​IMG]</td> <td bgcolor="#006dc0" valign="top" width="209">[​IMG]</td> <td bgcolor="#006dc0" width="18">[​IMG]</td> <td align="right" bgcolor="#006dc0" valign="top" width="403">[​IMG]
    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif] 20 Years = 20% OFF Total Purchase[/FONT]
    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Now Through April 14[/FONT]

    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif] Now is the best time to shop at Neiman Marcus Last Call. In honor of 20 years of business, TAKE 20% OFF YOUR TOTAL STORE PURCHASE through April 14. Shop the best designer names for spring at these incredible deals. Hurry in this week!

    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Some exclusions apply. Discount taken on individual items. Discount cannot be combined with any other offer. No adjustments for prior sales. Sale ends April 14, 2008. [/FONT]
    [/FONT]</td> <td bgcolor="#006dc0" width="18">[​IMG]</td> <td bgcolor="#000000" width="1">[​IMG]</td></tr></tbody></table>
  3. That's awesome....thanks!
  4. Is this for instore only?
  5. Yes I believe it is for in-store...

    Does anyone have any coupons for after April 14th?
  6. :huh:h thanks! I'm gonna go there today after work! >_<
  7. You don't need a coupon for the 20% off your purchase. There are are signs up throughout the store and they're taking the discount automatically when you pay.
  8. It is a bit misleading. I went yesterday and there were signs on the shoes indicating 20% off of lowest price so when I got to the cashier I asked if I got 20% off of the lowest price on the shoe and 20% off my entire purchase and she said no, you only get 1 of the 20% offs. However, I also did get a pair of Chloe Sandal Heels that were an additional 35% off...:woohoo:
  9. does this include jewelry?
  10. last call can phone order? many city no last call.
  11. Thanks for the info. I will go to the one in Jersey Garden on Saturday.

  12. I don't think so..... the stores itself are not very organized so I can't imagine they can find and send exactly what you are looking for :shrugs:
  13. There are a lot of exclusions, and jewelry might be one of them. I know sunglasses aren't included in the 20% off.
  14. Thanks!
    Went to Jersey Gardens on Thursday, this was not one of their better sales that I have been to.:tdown:
    There was some exclusions the only two brand names that I can remember was True religion & Seven.
  15. So, were the shoes 35% off plus 20% off?