Neiman Marcus InCircle Double Points

  1. Ladies,

    Neiman Marcus InCircle is happening next Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. You will earn double points for all your purchases on those 3 days. This will be a good time to purchase something on your wishlist (since InCircle only happens 3-4 times a year and on your birthday).

    I can start pre-selling anything beginning on Sunday. Please PM me if anyone has any questions or you can call me at the store 415-362-3900 ext. 2166.

  2. Dear Christine:
    Happy You Are Doing Well On Your New Job!!!!!!!

    Is Any Handbag Part Of The Sale?!
    So Happy To Know We Have A Member Working For Nm And Finally We Have Someone With Patience!!!
    Thank You And Awaits Your Advs...
  3. ^^ InCircle is when you get doube points for purchases on your NM card--it isn't a sale. Hope that helps!
  4. I don't think any of the handbags are going to be markdown until early December.
  5. So what do these points give you?
  6. It's a reward system. For example, if you reach 5000 points, there are gifts such as steak knives set. You may also choose to receive gift cards for the points. For 5000 points, I believe you get $125 gift card.