Neiman Marcus in Troy, MI has HERMÈS SADDLE and some Kellys

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  1. Hi all,

    I remember some of you had posted and discussed Hermès saddles, and it seems there are quite a few equestrians among everyone here. If anyone's interested, I thought I'd let you know that the Neiman Marcus in Troy, Michigan (Somerset Mall) has a beautiful tan leather Hermès saddle in their H. boutique. I was there today and saw it. I think it was $4500. They also have several black Kelly pochettes, at least one KP in brown/Havanne, and a very large Kelly in black (I think 35cm, and I think it's swift w/palladium HW). They've had all these items for a while now, so I know they're available if anyone's interested. And they do have what I think seems to be a large selection of Hermès jewelry, scarves and other accessories and bags (just not Birkins or Kellys, except for the ones I mentioned). AND ALSO - BTW, the Kelly pochette was $3595 (I think) at NM, and I bought it from the SF. Hermès boutique for $3300. Not sure why; I thought all H. items would be the same price at either store. Good luck, and I hope this might help some of you.

  2. Thanks for the post !

    As far as I know, this is the only Nemian Marcus that has Hermes bags.
  3. The Neiman Marcus in Washington D.C. also has Hermès bags, although I suppose not too many. I know they had the black KP recently. I think those are the only two NM stores with Hermès bags.
  4. I've seen H bags at NM in Wash DC. Mostly travel styles, at least when I've been there... like large Bombays and such.

    I've got to admit though, the sales staff is the only H that has been quite ugly with me. I am an informed, pleasant shopper, not at all demanding or rude. Every time I've asked an S.A. there for help, they seem reluctant to stop doing paperwork, or even downright nasty if I've asked to see a shoe or scarf. I know I look a lot younger than I am, and DC is an old money town, but omg they have been so off-putting I've walked away from purchases I really wanted to prove a point.

    Exception: there is a tall gentlemen there that used to work at 24 in Paris and he is an angel, a dream. Informed me how special my Birkin was, and gave me history about her! :tup: Of course, that was the day I could only breeze by as I was late for an appointment. What a shame!
  5. You know honestly, the people at the Hermes boutique at NM in Troy, MI aren't very friendly either. I must admit I'm probably a difficult customer because I'm so picky and indecisive, taking forever to choose items for presents; although I'm also extremely pleasant and friendly with them. There are a few nice SAs in other departments there, but the 2-3 women in the Hermes boutique, while they've helped me, they truly did NOT seem very happy or enthused. I suppose it's their loss because I WILL buy my items somewhere, although for scarves I really want to see them in person and my local NM is the only place here. I went there looking for a Kelly pochette, but unsure of the color I wanted. They had black; I wanted gold. So I ended up getting it elsewhere and they didn't get a commission on it; but they'll still end up selling me some H. scarves in the future, and maybe other items for presents. It's not like they have other important things to do besides helping me - their 2-3 black Kelly pochettes have been sitting there for many months now, and their black 35cm Kelly has been in their display case for probably 6 months. So I don't know why these people have attitudes. I try as much as I can to be sweet, pleasant and appreciative; I only wish I were in Chicago or New York so I'd have more choices of stores and could shop somewhere else. Ironically, while some of the actual Hermes stores were unfriendly and unwilling to help me, the Bev. Hills and S.F. stores (where I bought my KP) were extremely helpful and friendly, and even broke their own rule and sold me the KP over the phone (even though I'm a new H. customer).

    At Somerset Mall in Troy, MI we have Saks and NM. I think most of the SAs at NM have bad attitudes and are snobby, and most of the ones at Saks seem to be very nice and friendly. They should be helpful and friendly regardless of whether we're buying something from them that particular day (or whether they have what we want in stock), because if we're the type of person who's shopping there and looking at those things, we'll probably be back and will be buying things in the future. Not everyone who looks at a Hermes bag can actually buy one that day; even the richest people can't buy one every time they go to the store (probably wouldn't want to). They should understand that these items are substantial purchases, and you might have to look at many before you buy one (scarves too - they're a very personal choice, and you might need to shop around for a while to find the one you want). Sorry for my rant; just wanted to concur!