Neiman Marcus in store shopping event

  1. Thursday April 20 - Saturday April 22, Spend $500 or more and get $100 off any pair of designer jeans. Also, bonus in circle points and NM gift certificate when you spend $1,000 or more. Happy shopping!
  2. Wow that is a great deal! Thanks for the heads up!
  3. tod - where did you get the heads up about the extra in circle points? I got the flyer in the mail regarding the denim promo - but it doesn't say anything about reward point bonuses....hmmm...I shopped two weeks ago when it was double reward points -
  4. Do you have any more details? What gc do you get for spending $1K or more? And do you need a NM card to qualify?? Thanks!
  5. Well, you can only use Neiman or Amex at Neimans, well, and cash of course. As far I can tell from the flyer you do not have to use your Neiman's card to get the $100 denim credit -
  6. thanks for the heads up
  7. GREAT to know, since I missed a Chanel opportunity a few weeks ago during the last double points! Also, my SA will give me an extra 1k points when I buy my Chanel!
    Yes, please tell us how you found out about this!
  8. Don't you hate it when you find out about a sale AFTER it happens???! :mad:

    Someone posted elsewhere about Filene's Basement having a 64% - 76% off Prada sale tomorrow so go if there's one near you.
    .........I actually comtemplated going into work late for this. Am I bad or what? :lol:
  9. ^ I missed it because I wanted a bag that apparently isn't made:lol:
    Dopey SA had NO idea, I had to call Chanel to find out. I was SO sad! But now, looks like I could be made happy!!!!!!!!!
    I may be posting a Chanel thread in a couple of days!:love:
  10. What's this about a Prada sale at Filenes tomorrow?:nuts:
  11. I received a call from their customer service dept. I wasnt home when the call came in so they left a message on my machine. She didnt go into details for the NM gift card. My post was exactly the message she left so this is all I know. Sorry ladies! Maybe calling their cutomer service will give more details. I'll keep you posted on what I find out;)
  12. I got an e-mail about the jeans event. . . but I hope there's double points too!!!!!!!!
  13. There might be some bonus points or something... I know that during this past InCircle Double Points event, at the last minute, they sent out emails saying that your first purchase during InCircle, regardless of the amount would get you a bonus 1000 points, in addition to the double points. The SAs knew about the promo, but the postcard with the InCircle info didn't mention the 1000 points.

    So we might get lucky again!
  14. ok here's the deal...

    If you use your NM card:
    Spend $1,000 or more, get 500 bonus in circle points OR $25 gift card
    Spend $2,500 or more, get 1,250 bonus in circle points OR $125 gift card

    NM card, Amex or cash:
    Spend $500 or more, get $100 off any pair of jeans

    Source: public relations department of the SFO store although this promo is going to run in all NM stores.

    Happy shopping!
  15. Thanks Tod - not really too fab of a deal on the points and GC - I'll stick to getting the denim credit. :amuse: