Neiman Marcus in Dallas accepts returns of gently used Chanel handbags without tags?

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    Do you happen to know of any other Chanel stores that accept returns of gently used Chanel handbags without tags?

    Disclaimer: All the information in this post is based on the content of the TPFer’s posts cited in this post. I am not saying that NM in Dallas does it, I am just reiterating the information that the TPFer indicated through her posts that NM in Dallas accepts returns of gently used Chanel handbags without tags. Perhaps, NM in Dallas doesn't know that the returned handbag has been gently used. Unfortunately, we are unable to ascertain this from the information provided by the TPFer's posts so far.
  2. This is interesting ...
  3. If you read threads here you will find so, so many of these kinds of things, with them saying they only wore it out once or twice, and if caught then they will sometimes backtrack and say they meant they just "tried it on" once, and then off they go, taking it back. Usually they are the ones that insist on a fresh unwrapped bag from the back. It really boggles the mind. I wish people would put more thought going into a purchase instead of after the purchase. I also really do wish these stores would think about their return policies, as many will end up paying full price for used bags. It happens not just at NM, but also Nordstrom, Saks, BG, Bloomingdale's and more. I think this is why so many insist on those "fresh from the back unopened" as they realize that people do return used bags and the stores are hard put to not sell them as they have a lot of money invested in these bags.
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    Wow, tutu, your words are sooo true!


    I guess if one would wear a bag out and then return it, one is more likely to think that others are doing the same thing.

    And unfortunately for the rest of us, we are at the risk of buying gently used bags at full price. :sad:
  6. Do the Chanel standalone boutiques have stricter return policies than the departmental stores?
  7. Calflu, thanks for your PM. I have replied to you. :smile:
  8. Actually further on (page 2) in that thread she calls the SA and finds the card in the bag's pocket, so decides it's not used after all. Who knows if it was when it was ultimately returned back to the store for the purchase of the new bag.
    The Chanel boutiques in the U.S. have a strict 14 day return policy of unused bags. Most department stores also state unused bags, but people think they can use and return, use and return. Thus the cycle goes on. I will say that down the line somewhere, sometime, someone gets stuck paying full price for used bags. That's just not right. They ought to come with big obnoxious colored security tags or something and if the tag has been removed, no return.
  9. It's not right for the customer to return an used item and it is not right for the store to sell an item that has been returned without tags and shows signs of wear. :rant:
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    Omg! This is so bad!!!

  11. That is absolutely ridiculous! I have no words
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    I totally agree with your "big obnoxious colored security tags or something and if the tag has been removed, no return" idea! It would make so much sense since these are such expensive bags.

    I don't know the history of the bags that I have bought so far due to imperfect information. But I almost became that "someone who gets stuck paying full price for used bags" since I was originally searching high and low for the Easy Caviar Jumbo in Black. Since I got the one in beige and some other bags this year, it's no longer high on my radar. But had I not known that the TPFer had worn it to a baby shower and then returned it, I must admit that the thought of buying it from the store where she returned it would definitely cross my mind, and who knows I might convince myself that I need the Easy Caviar Jumbo in Black too.

  13. I don't think neiman Marcus would knowingly accept a return of a used bag unless it had some major defect. I seriously doubt the person advertised to the sa that the bag was used upon doing a return. I haven't followed all these threads but the person posted they bought the bag from Neiman Marcus dallas but you can see from the pics it was mailed in a cardboard box since they said it was the last in the company and then they said they returned their bags locally so it is very possible it was not returned in Dallas or Texas at all. Did they say somewhere that they returned it to nm dallas specifically? I shop at willowbend plano and the Sa's are amazing. Dallas is a nm flagship store so please don't try to throw the nm dallas store or Sa's under the bus without having the full story.
  14. For the amount of money we pay for Chanel, we should be assured to get an unworn bag. This is alway my fear. I have certainly recieve bags before that U can totally tell that it is not brand new because of the condition it's in. Just me two cents.
  15. Good point, smalls. It would be great if the SAs from NM Dallas or the local store or wherever the TPFer returned the bag to would clarify the situation. I didn't know that one can return a bag to a different store from the one which one buys from.

    Could u kindly ask the TPFer the questions you had and get the full information so that NM Dallas and the SAs are not "thrown under the bus" unfairly.