Neiman Marcus...growl...

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  1. So I went to the main Neiman Marcus here today relatively early to pick out a gift for a friend of mine. I saw that they had some Missoni sweaters on their site so I wanted to see if I could find one. So I went up to a salesperson and I said, "Excuse me, do you carry Missoni here?" and he simply replied, "No," and then walked away. This just seemed more than a little odd since you'd guess that if a teenager knows the brand Missoni, they'd be willing to spend money. Anyhow, I decided I'd look for something by Just Cavalli for him. All this time, no salesperson came up to help me at all. When I asked the same salesman to check out, he said, "Oh, you spend so much time and that's all you're getting?" I handed him the shirt I'd picked out and said, "You know what? No I'm not." And I left and picked up the same shirt at a boutique. This just struck me as wierd since I wasn't even dressed relatively sloppy (vintage Vivienne Westwood printed jeans, Yohji Yamamoto blazer, Prada bag, boots). Some salespeople are just so rude...Sorry, this was a bit of a rant.
  2. wow, that is sooo wrong! Who the hell they think they are!???? I know right now they are really tired from the holiday season, but come on they still have to treat their customers right. Especially if you want to buy something! Sorry you have to go through that! He was sooo rude. You should have complain to the manager.
  3. I always give everyone the benefit of the doubt (possibly my downfall as much as my strength). I would just try to let it roll of my shoulders- think that this was situational not personal. I bet SA are super stressed Holiday time.

    Either way, you deserve better service- no matter how you are dressed or what you buy :yes:
  4. It really annoys me when SA's are grouchy but I do agree with Megs that the holiday season is stressful on them. Sorry that you had to deal with the negativity.
  5. You did the right thing. SA's can stress out, but they shouldn't take it out on customers.
  6. OMG! That's so unbelievably rude, you did well however in your reply back.

    Once I was at a local department store and picking out a $200 dollar watch with my sisters as a gift for my uncle, the sales woman simply did not offer to help me, it's as if they assume I'm not going to buy anything even though I spend 10 minutes browsing.

    FINALLY when I asked for assistance she was so rude!!!!

    I will never shop there again, what happened to "The customer is always right?" And don't these sales persons get any training?????

    I'm really disgusted especially when it comes to stores that sell expensive stuff, I'm not there to fool around. Sorry .. had to rant as well.
  7. I dont think age, the way your dressed or anything else(unless you tumbling around the store drunk and disturbing other people screaming I am king of the word) should deter them from being helpful and kind. This is their job and you should have called the manager to aware them of this behavior and the snotty sarcastic remarks.
  8. Just walk out and tell them that they're RUDE and UNCOUTH people who do not deserve to treat others this way.
    Sometimes, I get it too, because of my age, but after buying loads of stuff at one go, the SA's at A|X and at ck Calvin Klein start showing respect and I did call up the company to complain about them.
    Don't stress mate, this is too small an issue for one to care about.. =)
  9. I was just at a Neiman Marcus the other day and they had Missoni sweaters on sale ... still way above what I would pay for a sweater, though... ;)

    You were treated very inappropriately; in my opinion you should report him!
  10. you did the right thing by calling him out, leaving the store, and not letting him have the commission. i'm an SA in a store that gets EXTREMELY busy this time of year (busier than a luxury department store, i guarantee you), and i would never, in a million years, treat anyone like that. it's not his job to tell anyone that they're not spending enough money for the amount of time they spent looking - occassionally, if someone had a million questions and took up a ton of our time and effort with no intention of buying, my fellow SAs and i will grumble to each other about it, but we'd never say a sarcastic word to the customer. who knows - they may, someday in the future, want to open their wallets and remember the good service we gave them without pressure. you didn't even get any help from the guy, because apparently he was unwilling to give you any, so i don't know what his problem is. looking is free, last time i checked.
  11. it's kind of annoying when people whose job is to serve can't provide good service. this applies to snotty SAs, waiters at high end restaurants, tech people on the phone...ugh!!
  12. It shouldn't matter how you're dressed. That SA was just rude. I LOOOOOOOOVE how you handled it!
  13. To go along with what a lot of you are saying, the service a person gets deffinatly SHOULDN'T be different depending on how someone's dressed or
    their age, but in some places (like Neiman's, at least the one near me) it deffinatly does.
  14. I totally agree, it is their job to serve customers and be polite towards them!!

    This may sound snobby on my part, i'm not a snob at all and i dont mean this in a nasty way, but a friend of mine works in Harvey Nichols part time whilst at university and recieves little over minimum wage an hour to work there, she mainly works there for the discount lol! It annoys me so much that SA's can be so snobby and rude, when they are hardly millionaires themselves!
  15. Those sales people work on commission. That jerk had no right to treat you like that. You should've had a talk with the manager because that is just unacceptable. I'm sure he would think twice again about being so rude if someone complained.