Neiman Marcus Gift Card WORRIED!!!

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  1. Hello ladies, back in December there was a gift card promotion at Neimans. I placed two orders, $2000 and $1000 respectively. I entered the promotional code for both correctly.

    A few days ago I received the electronic gift card for the $1000 order.

    I have yet to receive the gift card from my second order.

    The email in which the gift card was attached stated in some fine print that "only one gift card is allowed per person".

    I am now extremely worried!! Has anyone ever placed more than one order during a gift card event and did you receive gift cards for all your orders???

    Thank you so much for all your time!
  2. You will only receive the GC for the 1000 order.

    The promotions usually always indicate "one gift card per person" in the fine print. So even if you place 10 orders, they will only choose 1 - the lowest amount.

    You can always return the items in the 2000 order if you have not used them yet, but will be refunded at a lower value (I think now it's 75% after 2 months).
  3. There is only one gift card allowed unfortunately...

  4. Yup- it's unfortunate but those are the rules.

    In the future I would just have bundled both orders into one and maybe have gotten a higher $ gift card overall.