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  1. [​IMG]
  2. LOL..I was just gonna post this too..It goes till OCT 15th!
  3. I also was going to post this. Thanks!!!:yahoo:
  4. is this just for the states? or in canada as well?
  5. here goes my whole no shopping for the month of October rule
  6. Sorry to be daft, but where is the 50% off? Is this sale items? Or a coupon code?
  7. They are having a 75% off clearance event online but the coupon is for free shipping not 50% off.
  8. free shipping at for this weekend only on orders over $150 - use code 'weekend'
  9. ^^ Thanks!!!
  10. Use WELCOME for free shipping with no minimum purchase. I've used it about 20 times and it always works. I don't know when it expires though. I hope never! :P
  11. the same code "WELCOME" works with Bergdorf Goodman. I guess it's becuase they are both under NM Group
  12. Thank you!:smile:
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