Neiman Marcus Free Shipping or Other Discount Codes?

  1. NMLAST and SALENM have both expired....

    are there any other discount codes out there??

  2. I just used salenm this morning.
  3. i tried it an hour ago and they told me it's expired!!! :sad:
  4. I just checked and it's still work. I am talking about online order here.
  5. Thanks for sharing. I just used SALENM and it still works.
  6. thank you everyone!!

    i put in my ordered already trying to use the not working NMLAST code. When i called them up, they kept telling me both NMLAST and SALENM had expired.

    then i put in another order using SALENM to prove to them that it still works, and they finally waived my shipping charge...

    THANK YOU!! :yahoo:
  7. just used nmlast and it worked for me online.
  8. This is so informative - thanks ladies
  9. i used the SALENM today and it worked! thanks!! :wlae:
  10. i just scored a mono gucci flats on sale, used SALENM, got free ship! :yahoo: