Neiman Marcus Free shipping code works!

  1. SALENM, just used it now and it works!

    BTW does anyone know if return shipping is free also? It's my first time purchasing from NM. Thanks!
  2. thanks for the info!
  3. Thanks! That's what I need! Saved $19 just for shipping.

    I was just about to check out thinking there is no way to save on the shipping:crybaby: . TPF rocks!:yahoo:
  4. LOL!!!! that whiskey edith bowler was literally gone in two seconds flat!!!
  5. you have to pay to ship items can also return items at their stores
  6. Are you serious? The Neiman Marcus site is not really clear on it. All they say is that a pre-paid return label will be provided. I guess that means they prepay the return shipping costs and then deduct the costs from your refund?? I guess I'm spoiled by Zappos' free returns.
  7. Thanks. I just successfully used the code. Chloe satin ballerina flats - hope they fit.

    I do all my returns in the store so I don't know if they charge for returns.
  8. You can choose either NM preferred method of return SMARTLABEL (pre-paid and pre-address label) or return on your own. If you use SMARTLABEL, you pay nothing up front, the shipping fee will be deducted from your refund. :oh: