Neiman Marcus extra 25% plus free shipping

  1. Thanks for the heads up! I don't see any extra 25% offs, though. Even your dress shows up as $230, not $170.
  2. how do you get the extra 25% off? I still see the price of that dress as $231
  3. If you put it in your cart it shows up as 25% off!!

    *update for some reason the 25% isn't coming off now i guess they made a mistake but a couple minutes ago everything was an extra 25% off*

    Here is what my receipt says:

    Price: $231.00
    Promotional Offer: -$57.75
    Promotional Price: $173.25
    Item: NMOF8_T1A62
    Color: BRONZE
    Size: MEDIUM/8
    Quantity: 1
    Gift Message: No Gift Note
    In Stock
  4. i tried and it is not working now
  5. where do you see the extra 25%? do i need a code? TIA!
  6. I saw the additional 25% on lots of dresses this morning and now it seems to be gone! Why does Neiman Marcus tease us so?!
  7. Blarg! I got so excited! Hahahhaha.

    Well, at least you got yourself a deal, tezzzzy! :tup:
  8. Sorry i swear a couple minutes ago everything was 25% off it was showing up in my cart and i purchased an item too....i'll keep you updated if anything changes. :tdown:
  9. poop. what a tease, ive been wanting this clutch that ive been eyeing... please let keep me up with the info on this!
  10. i put an item in my cart, but its still the same price =(
    am i missing something? or should i wait to see the order review?

    edit:nevermind, it says select dresses, sportswear & outerwear.

    thanks anyway though!
  11. Just bought a jacket. Thanks, tezzzzy!
  12. ^^^There's always a catch.:hysteric: