Neiman Marcus Extra 25% Off Sale

  1. Love the scarf...
  2. I love those prada wedges with the blue stripe in the wedge.
  3. I do not believe that they will do the additional 25% off in stores
  4. So happy that I'm not the only one loving (and going a little crazy for) both of these sales! Love the shoes you got! The deals on Prada have been phenomenal!
  5. I agree, that's a really nice scarf!!! How much was it, and is it silk? It's a beautiful color.
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    Thanks very much. Yes it is silk. Very nice against skin and very lightweight. I got it for $99 after all of the discounts. I already wore it yesterday with bleu jeans. :smile:

    Yes! I only wish the extra 25% off sale at NM had lasted longer for us!

    Thanks! I was nervous because the only size left was a 1/2 size smaller than my true shoe size, but they are still very comfortable and go great with the bag in my avatar. Good deal for $180!

    Good stuff! Hope you enjoyed your deliveries!
  7. does anyone know when the next NM gift card event will be? Thanks!
  8. I'm going a little crazy over the extra 25-35% sale again...:panic:
    Anyone else?
    Thank goodness it ends today, can't kept hiding packages from the hubby. :presents
  9. Cant wait to see ur haul this time!
  10. Not as much stuff this time, my stalking time was limited, but very happy with the deals that I got:

    • $195.75 Prada flame clutch in black [retail $580]
    • $415.80 Prada Daino Pushlock tote in black [retail $1,320]
    • $186.90 Valentino Studded Versaille Bow Slingback Espadrille in black [retail $595]
    • $177 Gucci Noah patent leather point-toe mid heel pump in powder [retail $525]
    • $165 Prada metallic leather cord wedge in pirite [retail $490]
    prada flame snap clutch.jpg Prada Daino Push Lock Tote.jpg Valentino studded versaille bow slingback espadrille.jpg gucci noah mid-heel.jpg prada metallic cord wedge.jpg
  11. omg you got the Prada Daino pushlock! I kept refreshing the page incessantly but never saw it pop up :sad:
  12. It was like 3:00 am PST on the very first day when it popped up. There was also one in orange that popped up for a mila-second around the same time but someone else beat me to it.
  13. amazing score!!! that price is crazy good!! congrats :smile:
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    wow, you've still got some great deals...stalking definitely pays off. adore the gucci patent, and in such a lovely color. the prada tote aint too shabby either! :smile:
  15. wow, congrats, those are great deals :biggrin: