Neiman Marcus Extra 25% Off Sale

  1. I just got some frye boots for $90 down from $258!
  2. Is anyone else having issues getting a price match? I purchased some skirts 11 days ago and theyre refusing a match because it's been over 10 days. I'm only one day off and the only reason I didn't ask yesterday when the items were still 25% was because I didn't know I could ask! :sad:
  3. Is anyone having issues with items showing in stock in the cart, order goes through fine, and then an hour or so later they cancel? I have had this happen now with 5 orders back to back. I am wondering what is going on, or if I am the only one?
  4. Youre not the only one mlm that keeps happening to me!
  5. It has happened to me numerous times this morning. They cancelled Prada boots of mine 5 times, a Burberry scarf, and a pair of Prada flats. I called CS about the boots because it would still allow me to order them each time after they were cancelled and CS insisted that their inventories were "up to date." They are definitely having issues though. The same thing also happened when they did a similar sale this summer. Every order I placed today was cancelled.
  6. I had a pair of shoes cancelled, although they were still showing availability online!:yucky:
  7. My boot order was just cancelled.
  8. My pants order was cancelled and they were showing in stock. Plus, I goofed and put two pairs of the pants in my cart and it still said in stock. This is the first time that I've had NM cancel an order :nogood:
  9. Here is what NM said when I just contacted them on chat:

    "Our online inventory has not been updated to reflect what is actually in our inventory, so for some items you may be able to order them, but once the order downloads into our main system it is cancelled. Our technical team is working on the issue. "

    This sale has been a bust because of this. I really hope they consider extending the sale a day!
  10. ^^ I also had the same thing happen with a jacket I ordered yesterday. It took several hours for them to cancel it too! Normally they cancel due to insufficient stock within a few minutes.
  11. Ask for a supervisor. They will usually match the lower price!
  12. Ask for a supervisor. They will usually match the lower price!
  13. Same here. My got a cancellation message for 2 orders that I placed today. Bummer.
  14. Ugh, my order wsa cancelled too. How disappointing...
  15. Received a cancelation on a Lanvin happy bag too. What a bummer.