Neiman Marcus Extra 25% Off Sale

  1. Neiman Marcus is doing an extra 25% off sale online through Monday, January 16th. Pretty much everything is an additional 25% off.

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    I was able to get a price adjustment for Prada boots I purchased last week. They will do price adjustments over the phone for items purchased within 10 days. It does not matter if the item is in stock anymore.
  2. I have been looking at a necklace that is now 25% off. I'm trying to have self-control, but I will see how long this will last!
  3. My mom got the Kate Spade Bardot sweater that was originally $195 for $51. I got Lanvin nude pumps for that were originally $695 for $234.

    I had also ordered Prada boots that were originally $1,350 for $607 last week, but got a price adjustment for 25% off that made them $455.

    Stuff is selling out quickly though.
  4. It tried to get a price adjustment on a pair of flats but was denied due to the item being out of stock. :sad:
  5. anyone have a code for regular price items?
  6. I wonder if the customer service representative or inCircle level determines if they'll do it because my boots weren't in stock and they price adjusted them and told my mother it didn't matter if they were in stock or not and that it just had to be within 10 days. They sold out right after I ordered them last week.
  7. thanks!
  8. Thanks OP.

    I am INCIRCLE and was denied price adj when items were out of stock a few weeks ago. I just got price adjustment for an item I bought 4 days ago, but was denied tax credit adj. It was only $6.40 tax anyway. It's weird. I believe they have to calculate tax manually.
  9. Thanks for tip on price adjustment! You tpfers are the best! I was able to get an additional 25% off on a Ferragamo bag and a pair of Valentino pumps that I bought a week ago. Got the $745 Versailles Bow pump for $251 and the $1200 Ferragamo Samuela shoulder bag for $405! I am a happy camper.:yahoo:
  10. After hearing that others were able to get a price adjustment on out of stock items, I called CS again. This time I got the price adjusted without a problem. Not sure what happened with the first CS rep but I am happy I was able to get an adjustment after all. Oh, I am not InCircle although I have been shopping a lot at NM lately.

    Thanks OP!
  11. Wow, I'm so glad I read this tonight. I got the email about the additional 25% off but had no idea that we can do an adjustment to something we've already ordered. My last 2 orders were barely within the 10 days window. The nice CS was able to credit me for both orders. Thanks OP! :smile:
  12. Thanks to you wonderful ladies I too was able to get a price adjustment on a pair of uggs shoes I ordered a few days ago. I couldn't get the adjustment on a pair of Prada boots I ordered on december 30th but hey, I'll take what I can get!
  13. Will they have additional 40% off later on like last month? If so, how soon should I expect it? TIA
  14. Does anyone know if the store will match the website prices? I bought a dress in store that was sold out online. The sale price was about $10 different, and the SA said she couldn't match it.
  15. They put some new stuff up this morning. I was able to get a pair of brown suede heeled Prada boots for less than $300. Might be worth it to check the site out this morning.