Neiman Marcus - Extra 25% Off Last Call Clearance Through Wednesday

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  1. [​IMG]

    I searched but didn't see this posted anywhere yet.
  2. ARGH! I got this email at 4:29 AM. I checked it at 4:39 AM, and two of the three bags (the good ones at least) were sold out!
  3. I placed an order on Sat, and it is last call item so I talked to live chat for price adjustment, but she said NO for last call item...sad!!:sad: She asked me what is reason I want to have price adjustment(I thought this is kinda stupid...when they ask you WHY)? So I have to cancel it and re-order item again!! I guess NM are acting very annoying now:cursing:
  4. the Kooba Sloane is sold out now - and that's the cheapest I've ever seen that bag. boo!
  5. I got lucky several weeks ago and bought it for $226 in the bark color. It is gorgeous...I absolutely love this bag!!!!
  6. Don't feel too bad. That bag has been sold out for days. It's been sitting up there with the Kooba Ginger tormenting people with its rock bottom price and it's "this item is no longer available" notification. :lol:

    Honestly, I'm not sure why they're not removing these two. :s
  7. Yay! I'm glad I'm an insomniac and was up to get the email. I just bought a bunch of stuff, including three dresses, one of which I will wear to my company Christmas party.

    Here's what I got:
    Castaner Satin Espadrilles (pink)
    Laila Azhar Draped Dress
    525 America Slim Dress (black)
    Twelfth Street Cynthia Vincent Silk Dress

    and these Stuart Weiszman Patent Slingbacks: $39!!!!
    (for some reason they don't have their own link and aren't searchable???)

    So excited! I saved so much, what a fabulous sale!!!
  8. Sweet! I just got a pair of the double strap Manolo Blahnik for $128!!!
  9. LOL I haven't been shopping online in a while - gotta control temptation - although I wish I'd saved my shopping sprees for the sale season!

    NM ALWAYS leaves links up for out-of-stock merchandise. It's such a tease :cursing:

    And bagachondriac, nice score - it would have been even better for me had any been available with that extra 25% off today!

  10. I would have loved getting the additional 25% off however... had I waited it wouldn't have been in stock. Actually, I bought it in the honey color too ,but I canceled it prior to shipment as I felt I didn't need two of the same bag!
  11. I added a pic to your post of the sale!

    I love all these sales!
  12. The same thing happened to me! Even worse is that they have shipped the item and I couldn't cancel the order!:cursing::cursing::cursing:
  13. thanks for posting!
  14. I jumped for joy when I saw this thread! I went to find the Be&D Ava woven bag that has been there forever... and it's GONE! *sniff* *sniff*...
  15. As of late, they've been adding bags to the sale in the late evening. I'm on a purse ban now (fingers crossed)....but my eyes are wide open!! LOL!!