Neiman Marcus' Exclusive

  1. I think that they are beautiful. They are expensive, but I ordered the white and gold one.
  2. Wow those watches are hot! I'm in love.
  3. Pricey. If you're gonna pay that much for ceramic, might as well go with the Chanel J12.
  4. I like them, they are a nice alternative to a Chanel J12 IMO. I adore the J12, but it is nice to see other options too. I have a Michele watch and I am really happy with it.
  5. I bought a technomarine black ceramique chrono unisex and diamond bezel watch on clearance for less then half that price. It was 895.00 plus tax on a $3350.00 retail price watch. If I had to spend that much on a michele, then I rather get a chanel j12.
  6. i concur micci, Michele, anyway is fading away. they havent come out with a big seller other than the deco. maybe if it was bit cheaper. im not crazy about the techno but the savings would have made me dive in.

    as per the michele, whomever affords 2500 (with tax in mind) can save a bit more for the big mac.. the j12 :yahoo: which is worth it.
    mercedes > lexus
    chanel > michele
  7. I think they should have changed the face of the watch a bit. It just looks like the same ol' Michele watch but with a ceramic band. Too pricey imho. Better to just pay a little more and get a j12.
  8. I think they are pretty!