Neiman Marcus - Everything Cashmere Up To 70% Off

  1. Thanks! I am going to have to pay our local store a visit.
  2. The website says the sale is online only.
  3. I don't know how I missed that - I must have been blinded by the 70% off lettering ;)
  4. well.....only Neiman Marcus and magaschoni brands are 70% off but other brands like Juicy, Vince, Theory, Burberry etc. are only 25~30% off. You can find tons of Neiman Marcus cashmere sweaters in NMLC center with extra 25~75% off from the prices posted on the web plus magaschoni sweaters are sold at $29.99~49.99 in Filene's Basement.
  5. thanks for the post. i'll have to check the website now.