Neiman marcus double gift card event back in september

Sep 24, 2008
So I ordered $1000 worth of shoes/clothing for the Neiman Marcus double gift card event back in September. They said wait 6-8 weeks for the gift card. It's been over 8 weeks now and no gift card. I just did the online chat and they said they will be EMAILING gift cards within two weeks (on top of the already 8 weeks I've been waiting) This is INSANE! I am pretty sure they are just waiting for everyone to forget about their gift cards. I only ordered because of the double gift card event. Has anyone else received theirs? (sorry I am kinda pissed about this!)
Oct 30, 2006
I can understand your frustration but I really doubt they are hoping people will forget about it. Believe me, they WANT you to come back to the store to use your giftcard hoping that you will spend more. Personally, I hate these giftcard events because I just have to go buy something else.