Neiman Marcus doesn't take mastercard or visa ??!!?!?!

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  1. I just tried to buy a Bowling from Neiman's in San Diego, and the SA said that NM doesn't take mastercard or visa in their stores. She said that they only take NM card or Amex. I've never heard that! I've bought things from NM, and I could have sworn that I've used my MC.
  2. i think they accept visa/mc online only, but in store just nm card, amex, personal check, or cash
  3. yup, 'tis true. Online you can use most cc's but not in the stores. It blows.
  4. i think u can use mastercard/visa when buying online from NM but they definitely don't take anything but NM card/Amex in stores.....which is really silly, imo. probably lose a lot of business that way.
  5. yeah... (delurking here from the LV section) pretty lame IMO, DH and I discovered that when we went to NM to purchase a gucci item that wasn't in stock at the gucci store... so we had to go pull out cash from the ATM, I wasn't about to open a NM acct just to buy my bag, blah.
  6. LOL...^^^^ I love my Neimans card!!! So many points, so much fun.
  7. NM in LAS VEGAS takes Visa.....FYI!
  8. That is just stupid of them!!!
  9. I think that's really annoying. Seems a little exclusive, don't you think?
  10. I always thought it was weird that they won't take Visa, but will take a personal check.
  11. To circumvent, if you don't have either cards, you can by GC online with Visa/MC and then use the NM GC to make an instore purchase.
  12. i think it's ridiculous too and i refuse to open a neiman's card.. i asked about the policy and was told by a manager that it's because visa and mc sell their members names and they don't support that.. whatever.. i just take cash when i shop there.. no biggie.. i'm not going to let a store dictate what card i must carry just to shop there lol!
  13. It's their right to accept whatever tender they see fit. I can't see any reason to be offended.
  14. It's kind of annoying especially because my debit card is an MC, but oh well.
  15. yeah, that's right. I opened a NM card just so I could buy some shoes when I was on a trip. I heard that some stores are testing using other credit cards and they will consider opening up that policy in other stores.

    I honestly think that the reason NM historically only takes its own card or American Express is to drive more business to its CC. The financing part of retail is one of the most profitable business segments.