neiman marcus designer sale

  1. does anyone know if botkier will be included in the sale this thursday? I have my heart set on the black bianca in medium or large. the large went on sale at the Saks one day sale a couple weeks ago and I missed it. :sad:

    Neimans carries the medium in black right now but not the large. If anyone knows if this brand or style will be included in the sale I would love to know!

    Otherwise i may just cave and pay full price...
  2. Well I was in NM yesterday and they had a table of bags and a brownish color large bianca was on that table. It didn't feel like leather though, it felt like some sort of animal hair/felt. Like all the balenciaga bags on the sale table were of a dyed animal hair. So that didn't really answer your question, but they did have a bianca on the sale table but it wasnt black.
  3. thanks anyway snoozle.

    i went ahead and just picked it up for full price of nm online, but now i am reading all over this forum how delicate the leather is and that the biancas arent good for everyday use....for $600+ i hope i can use it more then a couple times a month!:s
  4. the biancas were on sale somewhere.....i saw them last week online

    try doing a google search and going through the sites to see where they are...Shopbop is having a sale, so is active endevors, they have a 20% coupon out...try them
  5. Bloomingdales had them 20% off a couple weeks ago.