Neiman Marcus Designer Sale

  1. I haven't seen much on the PF about the Neiman or Saks "Designer" sales, so thought I'd post a message here. I have to say, I was not particularly enthused by the Saks sale, either in the store or online. The Neiman sale, in contrast, is eye-popping. They have a lot of bags online, but it's nothing compared to what I saw in the Tysons Galleria Neiman last night. They had table upon table of Balenciaga (mostly whistles, and a couple of huge bags whose names I no longer recall), Tod's (I scored a beautiful Miky Nomade), Hogan, Bottega hobos, Botkier, Marc Jacobs (including Stams, but no baby Stams), Fendi Spys, and loads of Prada. I saw someone walking around with 2 Chanel bags, so it's possible they had a few of those as well, though I didn't see any on the tables. Everything was roughly 30% off.

    The place was packed, so I'm guessing the stock will dwindle quickly. Hope someone else finds a treasure! (okay, really I'm just hoping somebody else murders their credit card like I did -- misery loves company and all that!:girlsigh:).

    Happy Shopping!
  2. are you serious? they have chanel on sale? I want a Balenciaga work. I'm gonna go check it out soon.
  3. Not sure about Chanel, just saw a woman walking around with multiple under her arm. Maybe she just has lots of money? I don't remember if I saw any Works. You could always try calling an SA, although at least the ones in Tysons aren't particularly friendly. Good luck!
  4. between my friend and i we bought 4 chanels but sadly they are all returning back to the store..but they are such awesome deals!
  5. Anyone who has stock updates, please let the rest of us know! TIA!
  6. How much were the markdowns and what are you returning?

  7. why did you return them?
  8. i think the markdown is 30%

    after buying too many bags i need to return them. but i am having second thoughts about returning all of them. i have no idea what they are called tho. 2 flaps the exact same in black and white..and a greyish tote..and a black hobo thats quite big. i was the first person who got into Chanel yesterday morning.
  9. i'm so jealous, you were at tysons?
  10. I haven't been back to the Tysons store since I started this post, but I did just check the web, and man their stock has been utterly RAVAGED. I have to assume that us PFers did a significant amount of damage. So, what did you ladies score???