Neiman Marcus designer sale is up online!

  1. BG opens @9 today for the official start of the designer shoe sale
  2. Is the BG store a madhouse today? I've been trying to reach the shoe dept to no avail :sad:
  3. absolutely a madhouse. it was quiet for a bit @9, but quickly got busy. so happy I went tho....I struckout during presale, but found 6 pairs I LOVE today
  4. Nice job! Congrats on the shoes. What did you get?

    Was there at line at the doors?
  5. Did pretty well at the sales (on line that is) MiuMiu wedges, Manolo sandals, Pucci, Etro and Gucci scarves and Gottex bathingsuit! :happydance:
  6. I arrived just before 9 and there were maybe 5 people waiting. I got Choo classic tall boots, Valentino rockstud python flats, Givenchy gladiators, Prada bejeweled sandals, Choo python Lyons and Giuseppe wedges.
  7. Is the nm designer sale is just onced a year?
  8. No twice. In December too
  9. Oh thanks for the info.
  10. yippee
  11. Scored some Prada sandals! These sales are so irresistible!
  12. I hope there are a few things left! I feel I'm late to the party :smile:
  13. Anyone know when the next markdowns are for Neimans online and in store? Some things still a bit steep..
  14. 2-3 weeks for in store, no idea about online.
  15. I never go in the beginning, always when chanel sale starts and so far was able to find some great shoes. Bergdorf is a bit hectic on those days, but it's still manageable and still plenty of shoes available. Hope I score some goodies this time as well.