Neiman Marcus descriptions......horrible!

  1. I just saw Prada Psycho's post in another thread which reminded me of a problem I have with NM's handbag descriptions. I have noticed that on all the Coffers NM lists them as being "Made in Italy". That really bugs me. You would think that as big as they are, they could at least hire knowledgeable people to describe their products. They are also very vague in their descriptions (ie - no mention of side pockets, cross-body straps, etc.) I always leave their site with questions.................:cursing: Check out their description of the Coffer:
  2. They never have modelling pics either so you can't get a feel for the real size of the bags...
  3. They don't even give you the dimensions of the bag so that you can at least try to figure if it's the size you are even interested in. Pretty sad :sad:
  4. their photos are also not so good..they should have give the dimensions
  5. Some of their bags will have a a pic of model holding the bag, but those models are usually 6 feet tall and weigh 110 pounds, so for we real women, it's not much help. Their lousy photos and on again-off again posting of bag measurements makes me nuts. I've seen bags on that site that I wouldn't give a second look at, but when you see it IRL it's a great bag. The Antik Easy Pocket bag is the best example I've seen. The still is UGLY!
  6. God forbid you try calling their 800 number, the customer service reps (and I use that term lightly) don't know anything about anything! It drives me nuts, Neiman Marcus is the worst when it comes to customer service and online shopping. The descriptions are horrible and wrong 1/2 the time.:cursing:
  7. I dont like Neimans descriptions.
  8. I like how Nordstrom gives a picture of a bag being held by a silhouette body, so at least you can get a general size reference of the bag.
  9. ^^^I though it was only Bluefly that did that. Nordies does it now too? Must look. ;)