Neiman Marcus Denver Bbag sale!

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  1. Pony hair isn't my bag, but for those of you looking for a savings (I think they were about $820 each??!) you should give Neiman Marcus Denver a call. I was just there this afternoon and saw 4 of them sitting on the sales table. They also had a few MJ, Kate Spades, Fendi's, etc marked down.

    The number is: 303.329.2600 ask for handbag department. I don't have a favorite SA there so can't recommend anyone. Good luck! :yahoo:
  2. I don't have a favorite SA there either. They all annoy me equally :s
  3. i was about to say the same thing.... they are all so snooty.... the last time i was there looking at some chloes, instead of helping me and trying to make a sale, this SA was looking at magazine with occasional glance (like checking me out from top to bottom. maybe she thought I dont have enough money so she did not want to spend her time helping me).
  4. So funny.....what is it with NM?
  5. LOL yeah, that's the kind of "service" I get at NM all the time! It's ok, not my favorite place to buy bags from but I do like to look.
  6. ask for Ruth or Bernadette in Denver
  7. Ruth is a sweetheart, not snooty at all, but not the most competent either. The others glare at me suspiciously, skeptical of my spending ability. Very backwards place. They think that unless you walk in dripping in gaudy jewelry with big stiff hair coiffed all the way to the ceiling, and look like you're on your 8th facelift, you have no money to spend and are shoplifting waiting to happen. This is not representative of Denver. The Saks SAs are as sweet as can be.
  8. I seem to have very similar experiences at my NM as well. I love to look, and every time I pick up a bag I swear I feel a million eyeballs on me. I know I'm dressed in jeans, but really. It's the 21st century. If I don't walk in wearing a ton of jewelry and dressed like I was lounging on the ledo deck of a cruise ship, I get dirty looks. If I go accompanied by my husband, however, everything is different. They practically fight to crawl up his :censor: . I always leave that store feeling like Julia Roberts in 'Pretty Woman'.

    Very sad:sad:
  9. Hey, look at all these CO gals!! I live down near the Springs and I don't get up to Cherry Creek as often as I would like...Thanks for the info!
  10. Yay! Another Colorado gal! Always very happy to see PFers from Colorado.