Neiman Marcus Customer Service = Awesome!

Feb 18, 2015
Last Sunday, I purchased a small Chloe Faye bag in Cloudy Blue from NM Online. I received the bag yesterday morning from Fed Ex. Whoever shipped the bag from Neiman Marcus, did not wrap the chain detailing or the leather strap on the bag or put any protective tissue paper over the suede flap. The bag was just placed bare into the dust bag. The box itself was packed well...plenty of tissue paper. Anyhoo, when I got the bag there was a scratch in the suede from the leather strap (I assume it rubbed against the suede flap) and there was a small imprint from the chain in the suede. I immediately called customer service. The lady was super friendly and apologetic. She asked if I wanted the bag again, and I said yes, as it is a beautiful bag. She told me to place the return shipping label on the box and mail the bag back to them and that she was sending me a new bag overnight and she would make sure the straps and chain were wrapped properly. I was astonished, I hadn't even yet returned the $1400 bag but she already had a new bag on the way to me. I shipped the first bag back today but not before I had already received my new new bag (which was well wrapped and in excellent condition) for a few minutes, I had two small Chloe Faye bags in my possession. I don't order a ton of stuff from NM. I usually buy a couple bags from them per year and three to four pairs of shoes (and sometimes I buy fragrance and cosmetics from them), but I don't spend insane amounts of money there...probably around $4000 per year. I guess since I have been a regular customer for a few years (even though I don't buy large quantities) that they trusted I would send the original bag back. I just think this is awesome customer service for someone who buys from them about three to four times a year. Way way better then my online experience with Saks (who I will never buy online from again).


Live Laugh Love
Apr 11, 2015
Glad you had a great experience! From all the stores I order from online, I always found NM to have the best packaging when sending things in the mail. They are so lovingly wrapped. I'm surprised your first bag was sent like that. You sound like a good customer to me. $4000 a year is no chump change. I'm sure they value your future patronage. :smile:

Enjoy your new bag!