Neiman Marcus coupon??

  1. Hi, does anyone know of a Neiman Marcus coupon available? Free shipping or any kind of coupon that's good?
  2. Baglover posted one on another thread

    code: summer (free shipping through 7/31)

    Another one is WELCOME (10% off)

    You can also use luckymagrewards to get an additional 4% in cash back rewards.

    happy shopping!:biggrin: ...and welcome BTW.
  3. Thanks so much, Tod ! Awesome !!!
  4. I just tried WELCOME. It doesn't work....

  5. I know welcome works for

    I tried the welcome code for NM too and it didn't work :rant:
  6. If you have a NM get an annual bday used to be 20% now I think its only 10-15% off.good for a BIG purchase...
  7. Yup. =) It's 15% now.
  8. How does one take advantage of the birthday discount? I have never been offered one and I have had a NM card for years! My b-day is end of month and I want to shop!
  9. I've been offered double points only on my bday w/ nm.
  10. I've never knew about the birthday discount!

    What are the details?

    I've had a card for years too and have never heard of it.
  11. You just call the NM catalogue/web site # and order thru them.Ask for your Bday discount and they give it to you..I was spending over 20,000 a year on their NM card so I dont know if thats a perk of being a special card holder or not..The more you spend there..the more perks you get....
  12. "SHOPMAY" for 10% off!
  13. sorry thats for Saks. : )
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