Neiman Marcus codes

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  1. Hi there..are there any discounts or shipping codes for Neiman Marcus on line. I am trying to buy a Marc Tote from them and wanted to save a few pennies..thank maggie
  2. I have never heard of any NM discounts or shippping codes - however, if I see something on that I want, I check to see if it's available at bergdorf's online because no tax for me here in Atlanta (I have to pay tax on anything from NM because we have a NM store here) - saves me a little bit.
  3. Maggie, members posted 2 codes. =)

    New Free Shipping Code: NMAUG
    EXPIRES 8/25/06

    Free Shipping - vogue
    I believe it is on $150.00 or more
    Expiration is unknown.

    FatWallet Forums - Official Neiman Marcus / NM / Neimanmarcus Coupon Thread

  4. Also BEST for Free Shipping.
  5. and WELCOME seems to always work.
  6. for shipping that is. =)
  7. thanks for the FREE SHIPPING! so happy!
  8. thanks you guys..have had domestic issues with hubby so wasn't check on this thread...thank goodness there are great purses to make a person feel better even if just for a bit.
  9. NMFALL works

  10. Sorry to hear about that! I know the feeling, all too well! wonder I keep adding to my collection! There are some days even pink Chanel doesn't do the trick....but it sure does help:crybaby: !
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