Neiman Marcus-Chloe Edith sale

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  1. wow debating to get one... thumbs up? down? hm
  2. I'm actually tempted by the Bulga.
  3. Thumbs up on both. Great prices.
  4. yes agreed! great price too! i just saw that tote at Barney's today and the leather was sooooo soft (though it was at regular price) - i say get it! :yes:
  5. Oh no! Looks like the white IF is gone... :sad:
  6. Well,,,
    Those are pretty.. and very tempting...
    But, do they actually have them in stock?
    I ordered two bags from them a couple of weeks ago with very good sale price.. was so excited...
    Now, they just cancelled my order... saying they do not have them anymore..
    so disappointed.... so mad at NM.............
  7. The handbags- at such a great price-get sold faster than they can update their computer system and most of us end up happened to me with a Bloomingdales order on a couple of MJ's a few months ago.:sick:

    KoobaLover, I live in Minneapolis and if you are looking for some IF bags, they had a few at our OFF Saks downtown. There is also a 30% off any one item available on another thread...
  8. Ah!! I might have to. I think it's beautiful and I don't have any bags with that shape.

    Whoops too late, already gone! Should have done it yesterday.