Neiman Marcus catalog!!

  1. Hi, I wanted to browse through the Neiman Marcus catalog, maybe order a Chanel handbag from it, so I went on the Neiman Marcus website and ordered their catalog but it never came!!!! So then I ordered it again like a week and a half later, and it still didn't come. What is up with this?? I don't know why they won't send their catalog to me. (I ordered it from their website and it seems that everything went fine.) I just wanted to browse through it, maybe look at the Chanels in it, but it won't come. Does anyone know why or anything about this???
  2. Sometimes it can take awhile for requests like that to get through... Maybe you just haven't given it enough time.
  3. I hate that... I hate waiting too.
  4. it can take a month easily:yes:
  5. hope you get it soon -we poor European Fers don't even get to see it at the boutiques!At least not after being a regular customer and a persistent one as well!:cursing:
  6. Yeah, those catalog requests can easily take 4-6 weeks at times. Don't worry, I'm sure it's coming, it just takes a while.
  7. try calling customer service
  8. I worked at Neiman's for two years (in handbags;)) and during that time we were not to give out catalogs that we kept at the counter for reference (when people called in phone orders to the stores directly). I was also told that the company did not give out catalogs unless you have a Neiman's account. They might send you one to appease you but if you want to receive them regularly, you should open an account. We receive catalogs at least once a month and every one has Chanel in it. I also know that when you are InCircle (spend more than $4000 per year) you receive special InCircle only catalogs (we are- and the catalogs are fab) which have even more Chanel items to drool over. It is free to open the account so if you're open to that I'd recommend it.
  9. I have an account, I just hate waiting