Neiman Marcus Catalog

  1. Catalog Code: F607
    chanel1.jpg chanel2.jpg chanel3.jpg
  2. Are the classic bags now being made in Italy? I thought that they were made in France.

    I do like the patent flap bags.
  3. thanks for posting.
  4. The Rock looks great in that photo! :yes:
  5. The flap bags are actual vinyl, like the coco cabas. That's why they are a good price point.
  6. ....but they are still gorgeous
  7. Wow... i'm falling in love *again* with the rock in this photo!! This is just what I wanted before... And then changed my mind, when you guys mentioned vinyl.... Is it also this beautiful IRL???

  8. I've never been able to get to the bottom of the France vs Italy thing. Just depends on where they get the hides from for that particular ligne is the best explanation I've gotten so far.
  9. I LOVE the Rock bag. ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!
  10. I dont like the feel of vinyl at all :sad:

    Rather get another brand for that a chloe paddington :heart:!
  11. Just a quick question :yes:....

    Does NM issue these Fashion Catalog once a month? I subscripted it a few month ago but I only received it once. Other times I received very old fashion sale issues! :wtf:

    Also, does NM card members have free subscription to these catalogs?

    TIA! :heart:
  12. I am not sure about that question. I am not a NM card member, but since I purchased some of my Chanels from NM, I think my SA enrolled me.
  13. i like the brown
  14. Omg The Rock is GORGEOUS, thanks for the pics sweetsparkle! Great, just what I need. ANOTHER Chanel bag to lust after...:nuts:
  15. Darn, I didnt realize it was vinyl. Should have known by the price.