Neiman Marcus catalog quick order>>

  1. hi ladies,
    i know we cannot order chanel bags or wallet through Neiman Marcus website..but i just found out we could.....thru Neiman Marcus catalog quick order...if you have the catalogue # and item #....which is pretty neat..but how come it doesn't have the picture? any1 bought items thru there before?? plz share ur experience...or any new items you discovered. thx :smile:
  2. i ordered the bubble qulit bowler online, the number is GF809_9
    i am not sure mine was a previous returned or not, but i am keeping it...
  3. I just ordered the wallet on chain through Neiman Marcus catalog quick order. I guess they don't put a picture up because the picture they give you is in the catalog (which you would need to have in order to know the item # and catalog code).
  4. wow that is good to know. i often see nice chanels in neiman's catalogues but never in the stores.
  5. what is "quick order"?:confused1:
  6. ^^ you can order from their catalogue via website or phone.
  7. thanks ally24k - thats pretty easy
  8. I ordered Timeless Clutch in Caviar, both black and white from NM Catalog Quick Order. Each still costs $895!!!:yahoo:
    Thanks to winniejo (Thread: Whtie Timeless Clutch - Discontinued?? Anyone know?) for the code! It's ACS07_51.
  9. ^^ the black one is now sold out!
  10. However, I didn't find Chanel from handbag section in NM website. How can I buy it then?
  11. Hey hk318...

    What colour is your bubble quilt bowler & how much? Did you bought it from the NM or Saks webite?

    coz i am interested to buy one as well...

    Did they charged you a lot on shipping & tax?

    Sorry for so many questions.

    Many thanks :flowers:

  12. PM u
  13. I use to get Neiman Marcus catalogs through the mail but then it stopped. Do i have to pay to have them coming or are they waiting for me to make another purchase?

    because I made a purchase just last week.
  14. I think you can order it on, it's $6.5 for one year.
    If you order anything from catalog, they will refund your money for catalog in the first purchase.

    anyone know how to avoid to pay tax if I use catalog order?