Neiman Marcus/Cashmere Sale- Extra 30% Off Already Reduced Prices Through Thursday

  1. they will cancel every again
  2. Thank you. I purchased a sweater and used my Amex so I can triple points. I'll keep my fingers crossed that they don't cancel my order.
  3. I got the Isabella Fiore Tabitha clutch - it popped up this morning as I was checking my bookmarks, I've been wanting it! Hopefully it will go through ok!
  4. thanks for posting
  5. Does anyone know what NM does if you don't return a 'Last Call Clearance' item within the 30 days? I shipped back a handbag today w/o having read their return policy on clearance items until now. Darn it!! I always return things within a few days but just kept procrastinating in going to the post office until this morning. Now I see that today was the 33rd day! Will they just ship it back to me?
  6. Oh no! I hope it works out...

    EDIT: I was curious (and bored @ work), so I asked a NM associate online:

    Shelly Ladouceur: Is there a store near you?
    ****: yes, should i try them instead?
    Shelly Ladouceur: You certainly can try the store, I will make a note on the file that you are going to attempt returning to the store.

    [then i clarified that parcel already shipped]

    Shelly Ladouceur: You may have the return processed but because it was beyond the time frame they may not.
    Shelly Ladouceur: I am so sorry about that.

    cross your fingers!