Neiman Marcus Card Handbags promotion starts 1/29

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  1. So today on my lunch break I was visiting the LV MC Trouville at Neiman's and as I was leaving, decided to try on some $45 La Mer lip balm just for the hell of it.

    As I was asking the SA about the AMEX policy, she told me that NM is having a store credit card special starting Sunday and going until November.

    Basically when you open up a new account and spend $500 on handbags or shoes, you get a $50 NM giftcard back. $750 = $75. $1000 = $100 and up from there in $1000 increments.

    I don't think I will do it, but I thought those of you who had been pondering a NM card and a handbag might be interested.
  2. I was offered that when I bought my spy a couple days ago. But I declined. I don't want to be suckered into opening another CC!

    But that was good of you to post this. I'm sure others might be interested!
  3. Oh you should! If you may possibly spend $5k or more a year in Neimans is totally worth it. You'll be a member of their InCircle program and get special offers and perks.
    My best friend was an Exec w/ them for several years and I reaped the benefits from her. She always brought home InCircle gifts for me - Loro Piana and other goodies!
    I have an NM cc but always come just under $5k!
    Maybe this year!
  4. I was anti-NM cc for AGES. I only broke down when the shoe guy wouldn't do a pre-sale by check when every OTHER department in the store did pre-sales by check... Anyways, I actually don't regret it now.

    I always use my Nordy's Signature Visa b/c you get 2 points for every dollar with them. And it's a Visa, so it's my main cc. I get invited to "exclusive" events where you can get 10 points/$1. With every 2000 points, you get a $20 gc.

    I realized that the NM card isn't that bad even though you only get 1 point/$1 since you do get $125 gc with 5000 points--and they do have the double points days. And if you register for incircle online, you get a bonus 500 points. So now I've decided that the NM card isn't bad when I want a pricey designer purse--sorta like getting money back for spending it.

    Ohhh--for those of you who shop online, check out If you link to sites like eluxury, neimanmarcus, nordstrom, gap, etc. through it, you get a percentage back on a mastercard gc....
  5. I just got the NM card last month, darn it! The one thing you have to watch out for with in-store CC's is that the interest rates are astronomical. So you want to pay that balance off every month!