Neiman Marcus Card? 12 months, no interest

  1. At least I know I was not one thinking that. It is lower than last year. May be I should wait for next time. My purchase will be over 2500 and I was hoping to get at least 500$ gift card back.
  2. I believe this is the same amt offered in gift cards as the last few events... in the good old days (just about last year) when chanel was included, I never received over 375 gift card and normally my bag was over 2499
  3. Last one I spent 200 and got 50, the one right before I spent 500 and got 100.
  4. thought they seemed lower,too
  5. I agree. I think it's only when they do the Better Together Event, which is only about twice a year, that they double the gift card amounts.
  6. Is this gc event only in stores?
  7. Does the free brooch only for online? So if you shop at the store, you only get gc today?
  8. Is Neiman's currently having a no finance charge promotion? if so, is it 6 or 12 months? Is LV included?
  9. It is currently 6 mo finance program- I believe all vendors are included as long as purchase is over 1000.00
  10. I asked the online CS and no GC event for now
  11. The brooch is in store,too. Not sure if GC is only today.
  12. Only in stores
  13. Yea! I hear a new LV bag calling my name! Thanks for the info.
  14. i got a invite for a priv. party on aug.. 15. i can only get gift card in store and lv not inclued. i wish. also says only on regular priced purchases.
  15. I was able to get Prada diaper bag on Wed. I signed up for Incircle card, so I'll get $250 in GC. Can someone please tell me how long does it take to receive the GC?