Neiman Marcus Card? 12 months, no interest

  1. Does anyone know when Neimans will offer
    12 months no interest on their charge card?
    I know they offered it back in march
  2. Try calling NM?
  3. Keep us posted!
  4. I know they are doing it here in San Diego sometime in August.
  5. :woot:
  6. Last year it was in September. Wish they had that promo more often.
  7. I wonder if there will be a gift card event along with it?
  8. Neiman Marcus does 6 month no interest financing twice a year. My SA told me that it is coming up in October, and I believe it usually runs for the whole month. They also do it in March- I took advantage of it last March to buy a beautiful Prada bag. Gift card events will be coming this month. I just got an invitation to Fall Preview shopping parties Aug. 8 or 15, and you receive gift cards depending on how much you spend. I'm sure there will be online events too
  9. There is a trend even next week. There is special finance program- 6 months no interest with equal payments for purchases over 1000.00. There is also a tiered giftcard going on (but some usual brands are excluded, like Chanel and Louis vuitton). So I will take advantage and get a balenciaga :smile:
  10. I should add the finance promotion is running through the end of August.
    The gift card (and trend event = free broach with 350 min purchase) will be only on Wed 8/8 and 8/15
  11. Do you know what's the gift card incentive during this event? Thanks!
  12. Do you happen to know if Celine is included and how much you get when you spend a certain amount?
  13. I don't think Celine is excluded... The ones I know for sure are vca, lv, Chanel and louboutin
    500-$999 spend $75 gift card
    $1000-$2499 $150
    $2500-$4999 $375
    $5000-$9999 $750
    $10,000+ $1500
  14. These amounts look lower than the last gc event.
  15. Yeah I was thinking the same...

    The lowest NM has given out over the last couple of years has been 20% value,
    highest 30%...