Neiman marcus olive city is in........


Aug 28, 2009
I just got the phone call from my SA at NM, and my Olive City with RH is in......and they only got one. :wtf: The same thing happened with my was the first one they received. :true: After seeing the photos of the Olive PT in the HG thread........I had to have the bag. :hysteric: I think the color is gorgegous. :yes: I hope I like it as much IRL. I will be picking it up tomorrow, since NM has an INCIRCLE promotion.......spend $1,000......get a gift card for $100. :yahoo: So, my SA Pre-Saled the bag, and I will drive down and get it tomorrow. :broom: You know I will be posting pictures, immediately! :tup:
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Jan 4, 2007
Alberta, Canada
Congrats! Mine is out for delivery today ... hope I can swing by the post office after work to pick it up. I just love seeing all these Olive's on here. Can't wait to see your pics too!