Neiman Marcus BH Trunk Show Report

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  1. Tomorrow is another day of the Chanel trunk show at the NM in Beverly Hills. Spoke to SA and though a sale is starting which will have many designer bags - she was not certain about Chanel items going on sale.....

    I am stopping by to check it out - hope I don't get into too much trouble.....hehehehe.:happydance:
  2. Hello ladies! With much anticipation and excitement I headed down to BH for the trunk show - the place was packed! Women were snapping up the bags and trying them on - bags were spread out everywhere - it was mayhem.

    The standouts for me were:

    1) Glazed calfskin Modern Tote - This leather is BEAUTIFUL. Subtle sheen, very soft, very durable. Also, the new chains on this baby are shiny vs. the brushed metal.

    2) Ltd Editon Reissue with necklace detail - Beautiful, perfect for evening, but potentially tangly. Actually I got tangled in it just playing. But it was lovely.

    3) New expandables - One resembled a brown, tall, frame doctors bag, and expanded horizontally from the bottom. Another was a shoulder bag with long chain straps, which also expanded horizontally from the bottom. Too big for me, but great on taller gals.

    4) A bowler made of glazed calfskin. Sorry, don't know the name, but twas lovely.

    5) Medium classic flap in glazed calfskin - classic with an edge. Liked it, although the chains were brushed rather than shiny.

    5) The necklaces! OMG, gorgeous, substantial necklaces. Reminded me of art nouveau, turn-of-the-century style.

    Other thoughts - I saw in the look book that they would be receiving many types of metallic flaps (Le Marais line?) in gold and silver. And apparently the Grand Shopping Totes will be coming in black and bordeaux. I wish they'd had samples of those!

    Things that didn't do it for me:

    1) Turquoise Coco Croco - pretty in theory, but the material makes it more delicate than I'd like.

    2) Puffy bags - wasn't a fan because it made the bags look too casual, not as chic as I'd like. But others may like the softness of them.

    3) Vinyl flap bags - the vinyl seemed cheap and thin, and far too 'blingy' for me. Fergie would rock this line best.

    4) THE PRICES. Like someone said in another post, nothing under $2000.

    Looks like I'll just be buying one from this collection.
  3. Thank you for the report!
  4. jbelle,thank you so much for informing us on all the newcoming goodies,so kind of you!:heart:BTW do you happen to know the name of N.1 on your list?Maybe one of the Fers has posted a pix already so I can look it up!
  5. jbelle--thank you so much!:yes:
    i was wondering if you knew the colors the modern chain and the glazed calfskin flaps will come in? :shrugs:
  6. #1 is the Modern Chain Tote - basically looks like the current totes out there but with new leather and hardware.

    Mick - I only noticed black for NM but I heard they're making grained calfskin styles in bordeaux and brown too.
  7. Can't wait to see the glazed leather. Thanks for posting.
  9. thanks for the report. can't wait to see pics.
  10. Thank you for the did a great job.
  11. Thank you!! :tup:
  12. Thanks for the info! Can't wait to see the new stuff!!
  13. Thanks for the report! I'm curious about this so-called "glazed leather"...:flowers:
  14. Thanks jbelle! I'm glad you noted the hardware on the new glazed calfskin MC totes are shiny versus brushed. I myself prefer the brushed metal of my e/w tote and don't feel like I'm missing out on the fall dark brown (my fav bag color!).

    Mick - Nordstrom Seattle is getting the MC collection in black and dark brown glazed leather except for the flap style which is black only.
  15. Thanks for sharing! :heart:
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