Neiman Marcus/Bergdorf Goodman Catalogue?

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  1. Do these stores put out catalogues? I guess I thought not, with the internet, but was told that I should look in the catalogues of these stores for a Gerard Darel bag.
  2. i know neiman prints awesome catalogues with lotsa gorgeous bags.......don't know about bergdorf tho
  3. yes, they both put out bewautiful catalogs. you can call BG in NY and request for one.
  4. Yes, I get them mailed to me in CANADA!:lol: ....just call and tell them your address!
  5. yes they are both gorgeous - so much to die for....
  6. Me too ! :shame:

    I love flipping through them for inspiration !
  7. I believe you have to pay to subscribe to their catalogues but they both def have them
  8. NM sends me catalogs like twice a week. I read once that they had 17 different types (pink sale, NM Home, etc.) and I'm pretty sure they send them all to me. I got three in the mail yesterday including InCircle Entree.
  9. And worse than that, I get email from them and Horchow (another division) almost daily.
  10. Jeez! Talk about overkill eh? lol:amuse:
  11. They have the seasonal sales catalogues, but the best ones are the ones from NM called "The Book" that come out a few times a year. They are printed on heavier paper and devote entire pages to a beautiful bag or other item, and the text is minimal.

    I have actually taken pages from these and made framed photo collages of my favorite bags. It's a cheap easy way to have more art around you :smile:
  12. Man, Horchow does mail overkill, I get a zillion things in the mail....duplicates