Neiman Marcus Beauty Event

  1. The Neiman Marcus Beauty Event has started. Spend $85 and they'll send you a free tote (looks patent red) loaded with goodies. Also, it looks as if quite a few of the costmetic companies are also offering gifts with purchase.:yahoo:
  2. Did you order on-line?
  3. There's a thread about this in Deals and Steals, the list of companies and their gifts can be found there.
    I'm going tomorrow morning, chances are they'll run out of gifts if you don't go early.
  4. Looks sooooo tempting... but I have a bin full of makeup I have never used!!
  5. I went and did my preorder on Wednesday evening, as they run out of these fast.
  6. Oooh! You gals are so lucky! Post pics here of the "loot" you pick up. I especially like the red patent bag.
  7. Does Neiman Marcus sell Chanel? I don't see any Chanel make up online
  8. NM has Chanel, but they don't sell online. You can probably call the Chanel counter at one of the stores and have them ship an order to you.
  9. NM carries Chanel online:

    Neiman Marcus - Chanel=

    If you need to call a "real" store, try the store in San Diego--ask for Liz Blenche. She's really nice and should be able to help fulfill your order. Their number is 1-800-200-0522.
  10. I alreay had them set aside a perfume for me. I will be picking it up tomm I hope they don't run out of the totes.
  11. I work w/ Jenny Long at the chanel counter at the Shops of WIllowbend in Plano, TX, she's SO knowledgable. I bet you could call her or any other one to get some good product recommendations.
  12. I was just over at our local NM here in Tampa and purchased few goodies at the Cle de Peau counter. I received not one but TWO of the freebie bags (beige & red) :yahoo: . The lady at the CdP counter was very accomodating & even gave me the CdP free stuff eventhough I didn't spend $300.
  13. I just got my bag in black... Very good samples!
  14. yes they gave me 2 of the totes as well. i got gifts from laura mercier, bobbi brown and chanel. chanel gift is ok but the bobbi and laura ones are nice!
  15. How long does this event run? Is it just until they run out of everything?