Neiman Marcus Beauty Event Starts 2/21

  1. Just found out that the Neiman Marcus Beauty Event starts Feb. 21st and runs until March 1. Don't yet know about the samples but will post once I find out!
  2. Thanks for the advanced notice!! It seems a little earlier than normal - thought it usually started in early March?

    Yes, we will eagerly await what further info you have on the goodies!
  3. Thanks for the information. I always thought it started around March 1st... I hope the bag is cute!
  4. Ooooh, explain this! I live nowhere near Neiman's and am forced to shop online.
  5. I noticed this morning Bergdorfs has one going on online.
  6. Yippee!!! Than means that Saks will probably have one around the same time.
  7. good to know...thank you for sharing
  8. does anyone have info on the gifts?
  9. Yes - There's Another Thread That Has All Of The Info. On The Nm Gift And All The Gwps From The Different Vendors!