Neiman Marcus Balenciaga

  1. Hey guys,

    I was at teh King of Prussia Neiman Marcus and saw a gorgeous color, it's an orange color with gold hardware, i'm not sure the name of the color, i asked the SA and she said it's called orange. I was reading this forum inside and out, and didn't see anyone posting a new color called orange. anyone know? The orange came in GGH in teh Giant Hobo bag, really HOT. There was a GSH in teh part-time bag. I was hoping to get it in the Day hobo, but the SA said NM doesn't carry that color in the Day Hobo. I checked BNY, they don't have that color at all. I wonder if Balenciaga in NY would have it. I'll call to check.

    Does anyone know of the new orange color?

    Thanks. Hope I posted this in the right thread.

    btw, I have an '05 Indigo Blue medium city and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. So much that i added the Black Giant Hobo with GSH, I love it too. But now I really want a Day hobo.
  2. Sounds like it must be the Jaune (yellow) color...

    Oh, or wait a minute...I guess it's more likely to be the Rouille (Paprika) color...
  3. probably the 2007 rouille
    I have seen it at another NM - it's gorgeous - it's been there so long that it has softened and looks great
  4. omg, you guys are right. it's called Paprika. I am on the phone with Balenciaga SA in NY. They are so much more knowledgable than NM SAs. She's checking if that color comes in the Day bag.