Neiman Marcus Austin Stock as of Jan 1st

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  1. They definitely have more bags that what I'm listing...I need to take notes next time. ;) All the bubblegum bags had really nice, smooth leather. The Magenta City w/regular hardware was EXTREMELY veiny & dry. The Magenta City w/silver giant hardware had really nice smooth leather, though.

    The phone # is 512-719-1200.

    Regular Hardware:
    Bubblegum Pink City
    Bubblegum Pink Flat Messenger
    Bubblegum Pink Work
    Sky Blue City
    Sky Blue Work
    Sahara Work
    Black Work
    Magenta City
    Violet First
    Tomato (or Vermillion?) Day
    Several & brown (wasn't really looking @ those...not sure)

    Silver Giant Hardware:
    Jaune Hobo (this could have been gold hardware; I forget...)
    Jaune Work
    Paprika Work
    Violet Work (gorgeous!!)
    Magenta City
    Sahara City
    Mogano Part Time

    Gold Giant Hardware:
    Bubblegum Pink Part Time

    Lune Bags:
    All Large size - Red, Green, Brown and Black

    Sale Bags (25% off)
    Black Matelasse
    Ivory Matelasse
    Brown (Truffle?) Matelasse
    Suede/leather bags (large and small)
    Matelasse clutch (ivory & sienna)
  2. Thanks for posting.
  3. thanks for the info.
  4. thanks for the info!!
  5. You're welcome. I can't believe I forgot the following:

    1. Neiman Marcus Anniversary Ltd. Edition Blue City bag w/pewter giant hardware.

    2. Giant hobo and Giant City in dark blue fabric (or is it suede?) w/white leather accents and giant pewter hardware. I was not really interested in these, but my 9yo daughter was immediately drawn to them and thought they were pretty. I was kind of surprised...maybe they appealed to her because they look really "different."
  6. thanks for posting!
  7. I was just there yesterday, they had a TON of stuff! Do you find that the salespeople there aren't very knowledgeable? The time before last I went in the girl was trying to tell me the envelope clutch was the giant flat clutch and yesterday I asked if they had any updates on when they thought the Turquoise would be in and the guy told me that the Sky blue work was turquoise! I just moved here and aside from the massive amount of Bal stock I'm not a fan of that NM at all.
  8. Does NM carry the coin purses? I've never seen them at my store but I'm hoping. ??
  9. yes, they do. or at least the newport beach one does.