Neiman Marcus and other luxury online stores

  1. Hi everyone, would like to ask about your shopping experience with webbies such as,, etc. Basically when you shop at such boutiques (esp nm) do the goods come in good condition? I live in Singapore and if I were to pay for luxury goods on US online stores,it would cost an arm and a leg to send it back to US for an exchange. I remember reading amongst the threads that some websites (might be nm) tend to send eg used or obviously returned luxury bags and members of this forum end up having to send it back to the online store for a refund. Appreciate any advice :smile:
  2. The only one I have shopped online is Eluxury and I didn't have a problem, I doubt you would experience problems from any of these sites.
  3. Most of the sites you mention have been pretty reliable IMO.
  4. i've never had a problem with eluxury. everything is packed well and all the products are brand new.
  5. Net A Porter has the best service out of all of them, imo. Their packages arrive extremely quickly and in pretty packaging, so it's like getting yourself a present.

    Eluxury does a pretty good job. Half of the time their packages arrive asap, half of the time they arrive within a week. Their packaging is ok, not pretty. But they are reliable. I have never ordered something and not gotten in and the phone support has always been there for me when I have questions.

    Neimans offers really good deals, so I frequent their site. Their shipping can be slow, and sometimes they will forget something (like a dustcover). Their phone service is great though.

    Hope that helps. I don't shop Saks online, so I don't know how good they are.
  6. I shop from all the time.. every transaction has been just perfect!!
  7. I've used all three. Never had any problems.
  8. I've never had any problem with Saks or Neimans online. The only problem I had was the delivery guy leaving packages outside in the rain but that is a separate issue.
  9. I use all three of these sites all the time and have never had a problem. I also shop a lot at
  10. I have only ordered from Elux and Saks. Elux has always been great. Saks was also good, but whoever packed my items didn't do a very good job. Luckily, there wasn't anything breakable in there.
  11. I've only shopped in elux. I had a problem with the product I received and I wanted to do an exchange, they offered to give me a shipping label so that I don't have to pay for shipping.

    I don't know about the other stores though, nor international shipping.
  12. Thanks everyone! Really appreciate it :smile:
  13. I'm a regular shopper, and I've never had a problem!! I've always received new goods and they were always packaged nicely.
  14. I've had good experiences with NM. A couple of months ago, i purchased a gerald derel? bag off the net and i received it in good condition. I later returned it to the store because it was huge. But all in all, both my mother and i have had good experiences.
  15. I've had terrible experience with Neiman's customer Service, but Saks has so far been wonderful.